I’ve already made lists of my favorite music videos and songs of 2014 but it was such a good year for Buzz Artist submissions that I had to make a list of the best tracks YOU guys submitted to us for review. These are songs that underrated, up-and-coming musicians like yourselves have emailed us in 2014. The talent was so enormous that I want to share these tracks with you guys. Remember to keep submitting! We love to review and interview anybody who shows a passion and talent for music–you could be the next Buzz Artist feature!

1) Hero by Lyra: An energetic EDM-fueled Ukrainian dance anthem, “Hero” is performed by young artist, Lyra, an impressive up-and-coming pop star in Ukraine. The music alone is fun to dance to but the lyrics are simply inspiring (be sure to translate them to English first!).

2) You Can’t See Me by See Gulls: Combining garage rock and old-school (almost) all-girl groups, See Gulls creates a funky fast-paced track with impressive harmonies.

3) Pendulum by Anna Renee: An intense, pounding ballad with in-your-face instrumentation, “Pendulum” highlights the wide gamut of Anna Renee’s vocals wonderfully.

4) Let You Go by Tape Waves: The dreamy, beachy music of Tape Waves’ “Let You Go” mixed with the wispy charm of the vocals makes this a gorgeous track.

5) One Big F by Stuart Newman: “One Big F” nails the easy listening of old-school big-name British bands–layers of hazy vocals atop repetitive guitar lines smooth together.

6) Daylight by Trevor James & The Perfect Gentlemen: The smooth, gentle vocals in “Daylight” combined with the precise instrumentation lead up to a powerful, beautiful explosion of sound.

7) The Sunlight by New Build: Teeming with calculated rhythms and woozy vocals, “The Sunlight” will hypnotize you with its slow plinks and pounces.

8) Post Teenage Angst by Kill My Coquette: Like its title suggests, “Post Teenage Angst” literally screams with rocking instrumentals, Joan Jett-esque vocals, and sassy, angsty lyrics.

9) Goodbye & Good Luck by Picard Brothers ft Erik Hassle: Slick with smooth rhythms, quick rap, and sexy falsettos, “Goodbye & Good Luck” is a hot new R&B anthem.

10) Stillborn and Stuttering by We Are The Willows: Warm vocals that soar at larger parts, “Stillborn and Stuttering” mixes folksy, indie instrumentals with gorgeous conversational lyrics.