Earlier this month, Brooklyn-based rapper Miss Eaves dropped her new single, “Thunder Thighs,” from her upcoming album, Feminasty, releasing next month. The track focuses on the deeper message of body positivity through fun, relatable lyrics like “thick thighs, sundress, feelin’ good.” The music video accompaniment is equally engaging, perfectly representing women of color, queer women, women of all ages and sizes. “Thunder Thighs” is an addictive summer anthem that celebrates being female with unapologetic glee. We fell in love with the track, so in honor of its recent release, we’ve curated a playlist full of powerhouse female artists and songs designed to celebrate and inspire women all over. Scroll down to start listening to our specially curated Buzz Artist playlist on Spotify and read on for more info about each track!

1. Most Girls by Hailee Steinfeld: Actress and singer Hailee Steinfeld has emerged as a huge advocate of body positivity and girl power (check out her song “Love Myself”). Her latest single “Most Girls” is an ode to all women everywhere, defying the “you’re not like most girls” bullshit many of us hear. Instead, Hailee uses her catchy pop platform to inform listeners that all girls are worthy, so being like most girls could never be a bad thing.

2. Confident by Demi Lovato: Another feminist icon often vocal about mental health awareness, Demi’s “Confident” is the ultimate self-empowerment anthem heavy with bursts of wild percussion and pop-rock rhythms carried by sultry powerhouse vocals.

3. Bitch by Meredith Brooks: On Grammy nominated 90s single “Bitch,” alt-rock artist Meredith Brooks reclaims the word “bitch” and turns it into an unapologetic definition, listing the attributes of her womanhood, describing the complex cocktail that is human emotion.

4. Salute by Little Mix: “Salute” finds British girl group Little Mix offering a killer, catchy anthem by strong women, for strong women. Singing lines like “Men fight great but women are great fighters,” the group gives a dazzling military-inspired performance.

5. Follow Your Arrow by Kacey Musgraves: On “Follow Your Arrow,” country songstress Kacey tackles the warring dualities of human behavior like how “If you won’t have a drink, then you’re a prude / But they’ll call you a drunk as soon as you down the first one,” against a lighthearted rhythm led by her sweet vocals, begging listeners to be themselves and do what they want.

6. Baby Doll by Maddie Ross: Alt-pop queen Maddie Ross is slowly becoming the next big thing on the LA music scene. Her track “Baby Doll” is an empowering fuck-you to sexism masked as a sugary pop track erupting with waves of powerful percussion constantly building on each other with more flavor and more fire.

7. Q.U.E.E.N. by Janelle Monáe ft. Erykah Badu: R&B soul singers Monáe and Badu teamed up for “Q.U.E.E.N,” a creative and intellectual take on underrepresented culture from queer to people of color, all while holding down a danceable funk beat.

8. Mind On Fire by Aisha Badru: New York singer-songwriter Aisha Badru’s song “Mind On Fire” is a slow-burning, gorgeous track. Her breathy soprano sings a tale of “a girl with a mind on fire” who “set out to tell the world how they suppress our desires.” The lyrics are open-ended and suggest a bittersweet reality, but the song is mesmerizing and involves a fiery, strong (albeit mysterious) female character.

9. I’m The Boss by Rachel B: Powerhouse songstress Rachel B perfectly exemplifies strength of woman. Her track “I’m The Boss” is a sultry, soulful, sexy explosion of confidence with an intense delivery — think Sara Bareilles after a few drinks: sugar sweet with a wild side.

10. Walking Off Strong by Caroline Smith: R&B singer Caroline Smith has the voice of an angel. Her track “Walking Off Strong” is a soulful, swirling fusion of slick beats as she croons about a love gone wrong, but having the power to know when to leave like a strong, independent, powerful woman.

11. Brown Skin Girl by Leon Bridges: Young soul singer Leon Bridges has stolen hearts across the globe. “Brown Skin Girl” is a short and sweet little sultry soul tune celebrating women of color: “Don’t you know you’re a cutie pie?”

12. Too Much by Kehlani: “Too Much” is a slick hip-hop track from rapper Kehlani, featuring her seriously impressive vocal versatility, catchy hook work, and empowering lyrics like “I’m too much of a woman, too much of a bad ass bitch, too much of a boss, baby, it’s your loss.”

13. Fuck With Myself by BANKS: Alt-pop R&B songstress BANKS’ hypnotic track “Fuck With Myself” is a fleeting falsetto ode with lyrics that suggest a failed romantic relationship coped with through self-love.

14. I Am by Quiñ: Quiñ is an LA-based electro-pop artist whose smooth R&B-tinged work is prominent on “I Am,” a slick and sexy reminder to herself about her power and worth as “the magnificent, the great.”

15. Lady Brain by The Harmaleighs: Indie-folk duo The Harmaleighs’ song “Lady Brain” uses gorgeous sparse instrumentation and heavenly vocals to mock absurd gender stereotypes, singing poignant lines like “Mama says that ‘girls play nice’ / But I was born with a bark and a bite.”

16. Body Love (Part 1 and Part 2) by Mary Lambert: Spoken word artist Mary Lambert has used her success as a platform for positively representing queer culture, body image, and sexuality. Her “Body Image” pieces brilliantly navigate female emotion — she creates magic with words, and her shimmering pop-backed delivery is a force of powerful, impassioned truth.

17. Good List by Madelin: Experimental pop artist Madelin’s “Good List” reverses stereotypical gender roles. Against vibrant synth beats and pulsing rhythms, she uses her lush, melodic vocals to embrace female sexuality.

18. Good As Hell by Lizzo: On “Good As Hell,” Houston-raised rapper-singer Lizzo empowers women to feel great about themselves and “if he don’t love you anymore, just walk your fine ass out the door.” The track is an unbelievably delightful summer anthem, dazzling piano and layers of colorful rhythm behind Lizzo’s confident vocals.

19. Black Widow by Chantal Claret: Pop songstress Chantal’s song “Black Widow” is sugary sweet with a killer bite. She sings dark, high-energy femme power lines like “She’s got skulls on the wall of the men that she erased” over a bubblegum pop rhythm.

20. Feeling Myself by Nicki Minaj ft. Beyoncé: Iconic powerhouse artists Nicki and Beyoncé teamed up for “Feeling Myself,” a sleek hip-hop track that burns slow with synth throbs as they spit quick wordplay about self-confidence.

There you have it, folks. 20 girl power anthems that soar and swirl with addictive pop rhythms, sexy R&B arrangements, dynamic vocal performances, and, most importantly, lyrics designed to empower, inspire, and embolden women of all backgrounds to feel strong in their skin. Listen to the full playlist on Spotify and keep connected with Buzz Artist on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.